Book Recommendations

There are many books out there worth reading. Some of them just stand out. Sometimes because they are especially visionary or inspiring, sometimes because they just capture a topic spot-on.

Here is our list of favourites and why we believe you should read them:


The New Leadership Paradigm

Richard Barrett (2010)

Richard Barrett sums up values-driven leadership in a way no one else does: simple and holistic, empirical and empathetic. A must-read for every leader.

Start with Why

Simon Sinek (2010)

Simon Sinek has a gift: he manages to connect cross-disciplinary dots and create lines of arguments like no other. He uses this to make an inspiring statement on what Leadership is really about: A genuine passion for people.


Values-driven Organisations

Richard Barrett (2014)

Richard Barrett has created a framework for measuring organisation culture and leadership that is elegant, deceptively simple and yet mind-blowing in its practical implications. It enables whole system transformations based on the transformation of the leaders.

Get Connected

Tor Eneroth et al. (2013)

Get Connected is a great practical guide to grow a desired team culture. It is written by some of the most experienced and respected transformation experts on this planet. It’s packed with tools, exercises, and insights aimed a hands-on implementation of transformation processes.

You can get a free PDF-Download of Get Connected here.